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Sprint Premier Program Axed Prior To iPhone 5 Launch

It seems that iPhone 5 launch is such an important event that it is causing some of the carriers to rethink their portfolio of plans. Apparently Sprint is going to kill the Sprint Premier Program, a plan that allowed long-term customers to upgrade their phones every year, AllThingsD (opens in new tab) reports.

The official explanation for the move is that Sprint has to do so in order to offer the latest phones and also keep its unlimited plans.

"In order to continue offering customers one of the best values of affordable unlimited data plans in the industry today, cutting-edge devices at great prices and our ongoing investment in providing great customer service, we had to make the difficult decision that it's necessary to bring the Sprint Premier Program to a close at this time," Melinda Parks, marketing director at Sprint said.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be the first of Apple's smartphones to run on Sprint's network. This is the second change in Sprint's strategy, as earlier this year they imposed a $10 surcharge fee for most smartphones. Could this also be due to the arrival of the iPhone 5?

If you ask me, this isn't such a smart move; cutting such benefits is not exactly the right way to reward your long-standing customers.

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