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US Receives 10.1% of Global Malicious Email Sent During Month of August

The United States received the highest amount of malicious emails by cybercriminals in the month of August, it has been revealed.

According to Russian security software maker Kaspersky, a whopping 10.1 percent of malicious emails were sent to web users in the United States during the month of August.

The company said hackers were sending malicious emails masquerading as business emails to web users all over the world.

Russia received the maximum amount of malware-ridden emails after the United States, with 8.96 percent of the malicious emails targeted at the country. Russia was followed by the UK, Germany and India, which received 7.36 percent, 5.45 percent and 5.1 percent respectively.

“Erotic photos of girls 'waiting to meet you' can be found all over the Internet, while a company's internal documents are more likely to pique an Internet user's interest," said Kaspersky Lab Senior Spam Analyst, Maria Namestnikova.

"After all, how many people are going to sleep soundly after they delete an email that appears to have come from the police asking the recipient to print out details of a driving offence and send it to a municipal court,” she added.