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uSwitch Reveals Neighborhoods with Fastest and Slowest Broadband Speeds in UK

Price comparison website uSwitch has revealed the slowest and fastest streets for broadband in the UK.

According to the website, Mount Pleasant located in Halesworth, Suffolk, has the slowest speed in the entire UK. The street has abysmal broadband speed of 0.128 megabits per second, with users having to wait 48-hours to download a single movie.

Mount Pleasant topped the list of 50 streets in the entire UK, which also included streets in Glasgow, Southampton and Chislehurst in Greater London.

“While many areas of the country are already benefiting from the considerable investment into super-fast fibre optic networks, our research highlights the plight of households at the other end of the spectrum, struggling with download speeds so poor that in some cases it can hardly be considered a broadband service at all,” said Ernest Doku of uSwitch.

“While broadband providers have been committed to upgrading broadband infrastructure as a priority, for some areas these improvements can't come soon enough. Being stuck in the slow lane is a frustrating situation, with many of us now considering broadband to be an essential service,” he added.

Meanwhile, Leamington Spa in Warwickshire had the fastest broadband in the UK with the average speeds of 19Mbps.