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£299.99 Packard Bell DOT_MR/U.UK/002 laptop with 11.6” Screen

Packard Bell brings to you the DOT_MR/U.UK/002 ultra-portable laptop with excellent computing power and that is amazingly eye-catching with its bright red colour.

At 11.6” screen, the laptop is very easy to carry around and even though it fits in the netbook segment of hardware devices with its small screen size, it is way ahead in computing power than the rest. At 1366x768 resolution, the display is equivalent to all the 14” and 15.1” screens out there.

Intel Celeron 743 powers the laptop with 3GB of RAM helping the processor to deal with all kinds of multitasking needs. 250 GB of storage space is just quite right for any ultra-portable laptop to store all the important documents which would be needed while you are on the move.

With wireless capability you can say connected to the internet as long as you want and 3 USB ports makes sure that you are all set to connect your other electronic gadgets for access to songs, photos, movies, etc. The laptop weighs only 1.35 kg.

The Packard Bell DOT_MR/U.UK/002 laptop is available from eBay for £299.99.