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Adobe to Develop Flash Player 11; Stage 3D Architecture for Enhanced Online Viewing Quality

Adobe is developing a new version of the Adobe Flash Player, the company announced.

Scheduled to hit the market in early October alongside the massively anticipated AIR3, the new product comes with the promise of upgrading the rendering speed significantly. In addition to that, the company also claims that the it will be capable of handling 3D gaming with a brand new architecture, Stage 3D.

According to Adobe, the new architecture Stage 3D enables the Flash Player 11 to provide an output which is 1,000x faster than the previous version when it comes to render times.

“Stage 3D enables content that efficiently animates millions of objects on screen, smoothly rendered at 60 frames per second — the result is fluid, cinematic app and game experiences," said product manager for Flash, Tom Nguyen in an Adobe blog post.

Additionally, these releases deliver new features to support theater-quality HD video, native 64-bit optimisations, high-quality HD video conferencing, and a powerful, flexible architecture for leveraging native device and platform capabilities," he added.