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Digg to Provide High Quality News Through Enhanced Content Management System

Social news reading service Digg has introduced a new feature aimed at allowing users to access high quality content.

According to Digg CEO Matt Williams, each topic will be assigned a Newsroom which will contain relevant, high quality news pertaining to that particular topic. The news ranking will depend on Diggs and comment posts made by users on Digg.

"The online world is flooded with information," Digg CEO Matt Williams said in a company blog post.

"The volume of news published on a daily basis has grown exponentially. Many of us visit several different sites each day to get the most relevant or entertaining information on the topics we care about. There has never been a better time to separate the news from the noise," he added.

Williams said that Newsrooms are based on three steps: sourcing, signals and digital curation. Sourcing involves searching for great content related to a particular topic. Signals is an algorithm that ranks stories automatically based on how recent the news is and its popularity including 'Likes' on Facebook and number of Tweets.

Digital curation involves filtering news topics based on Diggs and comments posted.