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Foursquare Announces A Billion Check-ins

Location sharing platform Foursquare has achieved a milestone, with the service reaching a billion location check-ins.

The milestone underlines the massive growth that the platform has seen in the past one year. The company announced 100 million check-ins back in July, 2010, and has grown significantly since then.

Foursquare allows users to check-in at various locations, share them and score new points for discovering new places or reaching a particular milestone.

Announcing the milestone in a blog post, the company informed that it has compiled a video which shows what a week looks like on Foursquare.

“We think it’s pretty, but, more than that, there’s some really awesome data there. Watch it a couple of times to see the patterns as night settles over the globe, as venue categories ebb and flow on different continents, and as teeming cities wake up and fall asleep. It’s even more awesome in full-screen, in all its HD glory,” the company said.

“Anyway, a billion check-ins was pretty cool. Thanks for helping us get there, and we look forward to the next quadrillion,” Foursquare further added.