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Glam Media Ventures into Social Media with Ning Acquisition

Lifestyle media firm Glam Media has moved to acquire Ning, a platform which is used to create and develop social networks.

Ning, which was co-founded by Marc Andreessen, is home to more than 100,000 social networks and fan based platform, ranging from topics like 50 Cent to Sarah Palin.

In a blog post, Marc Andreessen, who will be joining Glam’s board of directors, said that the merger will benefit both the organisations.

Glam, with the Ning’s acquisition will be able to boost its user base to 240 million users and 3.1 billion page views. Glam also has more than 1,000 premium brands as advertising partners.

“Ning is the clear leader for creating custom social websites and communities. Acquiring Ning adds a natural extension to our social media platform, new distribution channels and a talented Silicon Valley team, all of which support our aim to connect brands with engaged, passionate audiences," said Samir Arora, Chairman and CEO of Glam Media.

"With the addition of Ning, Glam Media will truly become the first next generation media company in the post-social world." he added.