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HTC May Develop Windows 8 Tablet

Even though Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system Windows 8 may not hit the marketplace for another year, rumors and speculation about future products from multiple vendors, powered by the Windows 7 successor are already popping up in various tech circles.

Supposedly under-development is an HTC device featuring an ARM-based processor.

HTC is a leading name in the smartphone market which makes both Android and Windows powered handsets.

The reports about HTC developing a new device powered by Windows 8 has also been backed by the editor-in-chief of, Eldar Murtazin, in a Twitter post.

If these reports of HTC planning to introduce a new device running running on Windows 8 are true, it is likely to be the second device based on the new OS platform.

Microsoft unveiled a Samsung device with the Windows 8 OS during the recent Microsoft Build developers conference. Even though Windows 8 is far from being released, it is clear that the new OS will be compatible for many different applications and should become a valuable tool for developers and consumers alike.