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Instagram 2.0 Unveiled with New Filters, Hi-Res Photos

Instagram has unveiled a new update in its iPhone photo sharing app - a move aimed at providing users with new filters, and an output, which is 3 times the resolution of those in the earlier versions.

The latest update from the company will enable users to click and share images with 1936x1936 pixel resolution, 3 times higher than the previous resolution of 612x612 pixels. The updated app has been made available by the company for free download from Tuesday.

According to Instagram, the new offering, aimed at allowing users to do a lot more with their images, had been "by far the most requested feature from pros and amateurs alike". Also, the new engine allows almost 200 times faster filtering than what the earlier versions could achieve at their best.

“This is the biggest change since the day we launched,” CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom said in a statement to Mashable.

“It represents a complete overhaul of the heart of Instagram. It’s a change in innovation around the camera, and the next generation of what we’re going after: a super-fast, super-usable app,” he added.