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Intel Announces Ivy Bridge GPUs with 4096x4096 Resolution Capability

Chipmaker Intel Corp. announced on a proud note last week that the next generation Ivy Bridge GPUs will be compatible with the 4K display resolution.

According to industry experts, the new move, designed to accommodate 4096x4096 pixel resolution per monitor, has been primarily aimed at providing Apple a perfect platform whereupon it can go ahead with their proposed introduction of high resolution “Retina Display” Macs.

Apple first introduced the Retina Display with the launch of the iPhone 4 last year.

Intel announced this last week during the then-ongoing Developer’s forum. It is likely that the new GPUs may hit the market sometime next year.

“It's unlikely that we will see any 4Kx4K displays though, given that 16:9 is the standard nowadays (some higher-end are 16:10 though). That suggests a resolution of 4096x2304, which actually makes more sense given the bandwidth limitations,” AnandTech notes.

“4096x4096 at 60Hz with 24-bit colour would require a bandwidth of roughly 36Gb/s, more than any of the current display interfaces supports (DisplayPort 1.2 is the king at 21.6Gb/s),” the website adds.