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Interview with Neil Stanley, The Man Behind iHi

As mentioned yesterday, I have fallen in love with iHi, a great little application that allows you to transform your iPhone into a powerful communication tool. I spoke with iHi creator, Neil Stanley to ask him a few questions.

Without insulting your creative genius, iHi seems so simple. How did you come up with the original idea?

In the 1970s my Dad visited the States and came back with all sorts of gizmos that we had never seen before. One of them was a device used by truckers which looked like a table tennis bat but had a series of flip card messages that could be held up to other drivers. So I thought why not try then same thing on an iPhone?

Any funny stories on how people have used the app?

It’s always great to see people I don’t know using the app in public places. I once proudly told some guys who were having fun with it that I had created the App: big mistake! They didn’t believe me so spent the whole evening waving four letter words at me.

What next for iHi?

We launched a phrasebook version called iHi Translate that turns all your messages in to foreign languages. Very handy when you don’t have a clue how to pronounce the language and can just hold up the screen. This sells for £2.99 in the UK and has proved incredibly popular.

Breaking news I can reveal that we have been working on Bluetooth functionality for iHi. This will be a free upgrade that will allow you to display messages on an iPad remotely from iHi on your iPhone. The iPad can then, for example, be placed in the back window of a vehicle to tell other road users your thoughts(!) We expect to have this out in October.

iHi is available on iPhone, iPad and Android globally. Visit for more information.

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