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iPad 2 Successor Should Be Faster, Brighter & Cheaper

Apple has just introduced the 3G iPad 2 in China and the company has by no means stopped promoting its second generation tablet in established markets. The continued wide distribution and consumer appreciation of the iPad 2 will make many wonder - just how good will the next iPad need to be for us to ditch the current version?

Jonny Evans, the Apple-holic from ComputerWorld (opens in new tab) has tried to shed some light on this, as he talks about the general lines that iPad 3 could follow in order to be considered a worthy successor to the iPad 2 (as the iPad 2 certainly was for the iPad).

The iPad 3 should be much faster; there is a big chance that it will have the new A6 processor inside, based on a 28-nanometer process, which will be faster but without draining the battery. If we compare the iPad 2 with the iPad, we can see that the current version is eight times more powerful than the iPad in graphics capability and two times in performance. While a similar leap for iPad 3 might be too far, the next iPad could, probably, double its performance by using an improved kernel.

We'd also want to see iPad 3 a little brighter with a much higher resolution, at 2048x1536 pixels instead of the current 1024x769 display. According to the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab) displays for the next iPad are already in production, with Sharp, LG and rival Samsung all involved to a greater or lesser extent.

However, what could ensure Apple continues its tablet dominance throughout 2012 is if it makes its tablet even cheaper. With rivals going as low as they possibly can to establish a foothold in the market, Apple could utilise its strong grip over suppliers to get the iPad's cost down further and keep the competition at bay.

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