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500+ Jobs Lost as HP Closes Its WebOS Division

Since HP’s decision to discontinue the HP TouchPad tablet device, 500 employees belonging to the WebOS division will lose their jobs even though HP is unsure about what to do with operating system in terms of using it for other products, selling it or holding on to it for future use.

According to a report by technology site AllThingsD, the exact number of job cuts by the company could reach as high as 525. Even though HP acknowledges that it had to let go some employees from the WebOS division, the company refrained from mentioning specifically how many employees had lost their jobs due to this not-so-unexpected move.

News of the closing of the WebOS division was announced about a month after the company officially announced it was no longer going to continue the production of the TouchPad tablet.

HP cited unsatisfactory sales performance to justify discontinuing the product.

Reports continue to circulate about the possibility of Samsung acquiring the WebOS platform and integrating it into its product lines. No official deals have been outlined or discussed, but the rumors of acquisition still persist.