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Michael Gove May Face Probe over Private Email Usage

The Education Secretary in the UK government, Michael Gove, along with a number of his advisers have been subjected to a probe after evidence surfaced, suggesting that they were trying to hide sensitive e-mailed discussions from freedom of information requests.

According to the allegations, Mr. Gove and his associates were using their private email IDs to communicate on some sensitive issues, so as to exclude these conversations from unfurling in case of a freedom of information request from the public.

The Information Commissioner is currently investigating the procedure followed by the Department for Education Business while handling freedom of information requests.

However, the government is currently in a denial mode stating that there was no such wrong doing on the parts of Mr. Gove or his special advisers Dominic Cummings, whatsoever.

"Mr Cummings' email was not to civil servants and concerned Conservative Party spring conference 2011," a Department for Education Business statement read, according to BBC News.

“Mr Cummings was telling Conservative Party officials not to use his departmental account for political business. The FT story gives an entirely misleading impression of Mr Cummings' email," it added.