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Microsoft Changes Apps Submission Rules on Windows Phone Marketplace

Software giant Microsoft has asked developers to submit two different versions of their apps on Windows Phone Marketplace, one for Windows Phone 7 and the other for 7.5.

According to a post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft is asking developers to submit a Windows 7.5 version of their apps now, and update the existing 7 version in October.

Microsoft confirmed that it was aware that many developers were not happy with the fact that they were not able to update their existing Windows Phone 7 apps when they launched an app that has been updated 7.5 version.

“We heard you, and are happy to report today that by the end of October we will enable functionality in App Hub that will allow you to publish updates to both the 7.0 and 7.5 versions of your apps,” Microsoft said.

“Knowing that on average people update their apps every three to four months, this October timeframe provides assurance that you that you can submit 7.5 apps today and still have access to your 7.0 app well before the next update is required,” the company added.

The Windows maker also advised that developers should mention the Windows Phone 7.5 compatibility of their applications in the app’s description and screenshots if needed.