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Quanta cuts staff on lack of PlayBook orders

Gadget maker to the stars Quanta said it is cutting staff for want of orders.

The main product failing to keep its workers busy is said to be the Playbook, a tablet device from BlackBerry maker RIM, which is proving unable to tempt buyers aware from Apple's iPad.

Taiwan-based Quanta employed 3000 workers on the island during the first half of the year but has annouced that around a thousand contractors have been let go, as the order book is poorly filled.

While Quanta hasn't specified which of its customers are cutting orders one of the most likely candidates is Canadian outfit RIM. The BlackBerry maker confessed last week that it had shipped only 200,000 PlayBook tablets in the last quarter. Twitchers had expected half a million sales of the gadget at least, but limp reviews and a few crucial failings in the device itself have left it gathering dust on retailers' shelves.

Quanta still has thousands of workers beavering away in its giant production facilities in mainland China, but RIM asked that the PlayBook be built in Taiwan to prevent imitation and leaks ahead of its launch in the US back in April.

The device went on sale worldwide in June but failed to gain much traction in a market dominated by Apple and courted by a thousand other gadget makers.