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Tim Cook To Announce iPhone 5 On October 4th

Apple's next iPhone will be unveiled by new CEO Tim Cook at a special event taking place on October 4th, according to the tech website AllThingsD.

Although many may be fed up with all the iPhone 5 launch rumours and speculation, the Dow Jones owned AllThingsD, it seems, may be proven right with its earlier prediction of an October launch when most other pundits were going for September.

This time the website's "sources close to the situation" have pinpointed the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S/4GS) launch date as Tuesday, 4th October; which is when Apple is apparently going to hold a big media event.

The same source mentions that Apple is going to make the iPhone 5 available for purchase just a few weeks after this official announcement.

This big media event will also be the first for Tim Cook, and we will see whether the new CEO has the same oratorical talent as Steve Jobs. Although you might not think this is such an important factor, Apple lays great worth on the presentation keynote for its new products.

It will offer a great chance for Tim Cook to highlight his qualities and announce his arrival as CEO presenting Apple's newest, most sought after product.

If Apple doesn't deliver a highly improved iPhone 5 it could backfire on Cook, as the expectations are very high. The company also needs to get rid of shipping problems that upset customers with previous products like the iPad 2.

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