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£69.99 LiteOn iHBS112 12x Blu-Ray DVD Writer

One of the best optical/Blu-ray disc drive solutions out there, the iHBS112 from LiteOn combines fast start up, SATA interface technology, and 12 x recording speed allowing you to burn 25GB of data on a single layer disc, or 50 GB on a double layer disc.

The LiteOn iHBS112 allows you to record 9 hours of HD video or thousands of high resolution photos or backup vital business documents.

With the Cyberlink BD solution and PowerDVD Tool that comes bundled with the player, you can play and enjoy full HD Blu-ray videos at 1080p.

The SMART utilities from LiteOn make sure that each and every disc is recorded at a maximum speed and maximum quality possible. The burn utility also makes sure that there are no errors while you are burning data onto Blu-ray disks to increase cost savings.

The ABS feature reduces operational noise and vibration for reliable writing and enhanced playback enjoyment. Another feature, i.e. short loader design provides for better airflow and well-suited for today’s mini desktop PCs.

The LiteOn iHBS112 12x Blu-Ray and DVD Writer is available from ebuyer for £69.99.