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Alcatel Lucent to Integrate VDSL2 Vectoring Technology to Create Faster Broadband

Alcatel Lucent has announced the general availability of its VDSL2 Vectoring technology, which has been designed to accelerate super-fast broadband connections.

The technology, when integrated with channel bonding, is capable of providing Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps to homes and businesses using the VDSL2 network.

According to the telecom equipment maker, the technology is capable of providing 100 Mbps speeds over a distance of 400 meters.

An article (opens in new tab) on Light Wave Online reports that around 6 network carriers have already trialled the technology and that the company was expected to announce its first partner next week.

“Using VDSL2 Vectoring and recent innovations in next-generation fibre, operators can deliver new services and generate new revenue, quickly,” said the president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireline Division, Dave Geary.

“Our objective is to help operators – and nations – ‘get to fast, faster’. For operators this means shortening the time needed to recoup their investments and making it easier for them to meet various national broadband goals,” he added.

The company said that while the technology is available this year, the ability to integrate it with channel bonding will be launched in the first half of next year.