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Apple Bags 40 Patents in China

Apple Inc.’s ongoing campaign against piracy in the world’s piracy-hub China has gained a major boost as the company has bagged 40 patents in the country.

With this new development, the iPhone maker is certain to have strengthened its intellectual property-rights in the Asian economic powerhouse, according to news published in the China Daily on Wednesday.

Apple, which was suffering massive losses due to the availability of pirated versions of the iphone, MacBook Air and iPad within the country, was granted the patents on September 9th, the report claimed.

The patents, together, cover overall 37 of the company’s products, including the ones mentioned above. In addition to that, the patents will also safeguard its three stores located in Shanghai.

The China Daily also reported that most of these patents were related to the specs and features of the company’s mobile devices, such as speaker technology, user interface etc.

The recent days have witnessed the iPhone maker being aggressively involved in a number of patent disputes all over the world- the more famous battles in the current scenario being the ones against the Galaxy maker Samsung Electronics and Asia’s second largest smartphone maker HTC Corp.