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Consumers Pondering over Windows Phone 7 Handsets Reveals Survey

A new report has shed light into how Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has managed to draw the attention of a significant portion of the consumer market, and yet has a long way to go before it lives up to the expectations of everyone including the company itself.

The report has been published by the research outfit NPD’s Connected Intelligence service, and it has truly brought some much needed words of encouragement and hope for the Windows Phone franchises.

According to the Connected Intelligence report, 44 percent of smartphone owners are currently pondering over the idea of getting themselves one Windows Phone 7 handset.

The report also highlighted some quite powerful negative aspects, such as a lack of brand awareness in the market, which it believes, is offering stiff resistance to the growth of the platform.

The report states that 45 percent of consumers are “still not aware of Windows Phone 7.”

“Windows Phone 7 has a way to go before consumers really understand what it is,” said Linda Barrabee, research director for Connected Intelligence.

“But with the right marketing mojo, apps portfolio, and feature-rich hardware, Microsoft could certainly improve its standing and chip away at Android’s dominant market position,” she added.