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Crowdsourcing Based Online Citizen Project May Have Found New Planets

A pair of new planets, potentially habitable, may have been discovered by the participants of the Planet Hunters online citizen science project, according to the announcement made by the Yale University.

The project Planet Hunters was launched last year in the month of December, and as many as 40,000 Web users participated in the project from all across the globe.

Planet Hunter was primarily aimed at providing a platform for all interested people who wanted to assist professional astronomers in their analysis of the light emitted by 150,000 stars, and look for any Earth like planets revolving around them.

For this, all the participants were analyzing the scientific data extracted by NASA though its Kepler mission which was launched in March 2009, with the view of finding planets outside our solar-system.

"[Planet Hunters] is a gamble, a bet if you will, on the ability of humans to beat machines just occasionally. It may be that no new planets are found or that computers have the job down to a fine art,” the astronomers wrote on their Website, IB Times (opens in new tab) reports.

“And yet, it's just possible that you might be the first to know that a star somewhere out there in the Milky Way has a companion, just as our Sun does. Fancy giving it a try?” it added.

Ravi Mandalia

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