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Galaxy S2, iPhone 5 or Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich?

If the iPhone 5 is announced on October 4th then it will have a rock solid competitor offered by carrier AT&T - the Samsung Galaxy S II. BetaNews (opens in new tab) has revealed that the second version of the Galaxy smartphone will be launched on AT&T on October 2nd, costing $200 on a two year contract with a minimum $15 monthly data plan; the phone also comes SIM-free for $550.

For those looking to get their hands on the top smartphone available on the market, the choice is pretty tough. You will have to choose between the likes of the Samsung Galaxy SII, the iPhone 5 (which is just around the corner), and the new Google Nexus that is said to run Ice Cream Sandwich (arriving before the end of October).

A consumer commenting on the Samsung Galaxy S2's performance, stated "We consumers in the Australian Market have had access to this phone for a few months now and it is definitely miles ahead of the iPhone 4. I can sympathize with you US folks. I suppose one way to look at it is it will be well worth the wait".

Based on the its specs and other reviewers glowing reports of Samsung's superphone, Apple really needs to launch an imposing, versatile iPhone 5 and maybe ditch the iPhone 4S plans. A duo release could be the perfect idea; either way, we are just weeks away from finding out the biggest secret in technology for 2011.

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