Gamers Tested for Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP)

A new research has found that hardcore gamers have become so accustomed to their virtual environment that they transfer their gaming experience to the real world.

The research, which was carried out by the Nottingham Trent University and Stockholm, interviewed 42 gamers aged between 15-21 years.

According to the researchers, they found some unsettling evidence of Games Transfer Phenomena (GTP), which is a condition in which gamers end up doing the same things in the real world as they would have done while playing a game.

One of the most extreme examples of GTP, the researchers discovered, was that gamers reached for the search button, as if they were holding a controller, to look for people in a crowd. Some of the gamers admitted seeing energy boxes on top of people’s head.

“We believe this is the first study to attempt to explore game transfer phenomena, and these initial findings have proved extremely interesting,” said Professor Mark Griffiths, who was a part of the research team that conducted the study.

"Almost all the players reported some type of GTP, but in different ways and with varying degrees of intensity. We are now following this up with a further study of a much larger number of gamers,” he continued.