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Google Marks Public Launch of Google+ with a Doodle

Yesterday’s edition of Google Doodle saw the search giant urging users to visit and sign up for its latest venture into social networking, Google+.

As the 3 month long field trial was finally over and the site was made available for public, Mountain View embedded a huge, blue arrow pointing to the company’s new effort into the world of social media.

The arrow-sign was accompanied by a message that appeared every time the user would hover the mouse over the blue arrow. The message read; “You're invited to join Google+".

The beta testing of Google+ saw the company incorporating numerous changes into the social media site, one of the latest being the upgraded Google+ video chat feature under the “hangout” section. The company also announced that it will soon come up with built-in search functionality within the website itself.

Google+ Hangout can now be accessed via mobile too, the company announced. To demonstrate all the new features in the platform, the company also hosted a Live Google+ hangout with “” last night at 9pm EST.

For the new users, the site also included a video tutorial that explained the details of the site and how it works.