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HTC Users To Get 5GB Storage Courtesy Of Dropbox

Owners of the latest Android-powered HTC handsets will be able to get hold of up to 5GB worth of storage in the cloud provided that they take a (free) account courtesy of Dropbox.

Stuart Miles of Pocket-Lint reports that the app will allow users to save and sync all their files to a number of devices seamlessly, although it is understood that only handsets on Sense 3.5 UI will get that feature.

Windows Phone 7 users can currently use Skydrive (and its 25GB worth of free storage space) and iPhone users will be able to store files on Apple's iCloud by the end of the year.

Amongst mainstream smartphone platforms, only Android users have been left uncared for, although there are rumours that Google may soon launch its own G-Drive to squash any criticism of the lack of a cloud storage solution.

Sense 3.5 UI is only available on the new HTC Rhyme though more handsets are expected to be launched soon in the build up to the launch of Apple's iPhone 5.

HTC has yet to confirm whether Windows Phone 7 smartphones would also get these and whether users of current handsets with HTC Sense 3.x will get the update and the new Dropbox features.