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Internet Machines Launches Patent Infringement Suit Against Dell, Samsung, AMD and Others

Internet Machines has launched a massive patent infringement lawsuit against several high profile companies over PCI Express switch technology.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Maximum PC, some of the companies targeted by the lawsuit include Dell, Samsung, Nvidia, AMD and Asus along with retailers like BestBuy and TigerDirect.

One of the system builders who has also been targeted told Maximum PC that the company had signed a patent licensing deal with Internet Machines a year ago over a different PCI Express patent because it was much cheaper than engaging in a lawsuit.

This time Internet Machines is using a different PCI Express patent, which is far more expensive than the previous. Internet Machines is targeting the same companies it had made patent deals with last year.

“We're just a system integrator who is being dragged to courts to pay for the patents we have nothing to do with. As you know, PCI Express is a technology that's being used by everyone. We don't manufacture motherboards, we build computers, that's it,” the system builder said.

Internet Machines, which was started in 2000, stopped doing business as a semiconducter maker 7 years ago.