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The iPhone 5 Buzz And Delay - Apple's Crafty Marketing Plan?

iPhone 5 this, iPhone 4S that; it seems that the rumour mill will not stop until it will get its favorite toy. An interesting post on the SpeakDollars forum (opens in new tab) suggests that all this waiting time behind the iPhone 5 launch is nothing other than part of a carefully analysed and applied marketing plan.

If you think about it for a couple of minutes, it makes sense - what should you do when you are getting free advertising and promotion? That's right, get even more! It seems plausible that, as the astute forum poster suggests, Apple is trying to "transform the on-going buzz into a profitable marketing plan".

First of all, this year they released the iOS 5 just around the period when we usually see a new iPhone model hitting the market. After that followed months of rumours and free promotion for Apple, especially in the online sphere. October would seem to be the right time to "end" the suffering of Apple devotees and finally release the iPhone 5.

Perhaps the timing of Steve Jobs' retirement which brought huge focus on Apple (as if they didn't have enough of the spotlight already), was also part of the big scheme. And now is the moment for Mr Cook to conclude the intelligent marketing plan with a dazzling keynote.

Let's wish him good luck!

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