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Jullian Assange Condems Publication of Unauthorised Autobiography Witten by Ghost Writer

In the recently published memoir of Julian Assange, the founder of the whistle blower website Wikileaks, claimed that he never sexually assaulted the two women who accused him of rape.

That was not all - Assange also claims that he had been warned that the US government was looking forward to the opportunity to entrap him.

The memoir, dubbed "Julian Assange: The Unauthorized Autobiography", hit the shelves of book stores on Tuesday- against the whistle blowers will. Assange has since condemned the publisher for releasing it without his consent.

The book, written by a ghost writer, who reportedly conducted a 50 hour-long interview with the WikiLeaks founder to learn every little aspect about Assange’s life.

"I may be a chauvinist pig of some sort but I am no rapist,” the book quotes Assange as saying, according to a Forbes report.

He claims during the interview that the two complainants had consensual sex with him and it could not be termed as rape by any means. He also referred to a Western intelligence contact who allegedly warned him of an upcoming US ploy to entrap him.