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LightSquared Teams with Javad GNSS to Solve BroadbandSignal Interference with GPS

LightSquared was digging deep to find an effective solution to interference issues between GPS devices and its network has finally made a break through. success.

The company, which has the backing of powerful investors such as the multi-billionaire Philip Falcone, has been trying to come up with a new nationwide broadband service over LTE Networks and satellites.

But the company's efforts suffered a massive blow when the signals from the new broadband service were interfering with those from GPS systems. However, it seems like that will no longer a problem.

LightSquared announced yesterday that it has signed an agreement with Javad GNSS to create filters that will “eliminate related interference issues for high-precision GPS devices.”

“I have said from the beginning that this interference issue will be resolved as soon as smart engineers like Javad Ashjaee [CEO of Javad GNSS] put their minds to it,” said former chief of Orange and now chairman and CEO of LightSquared, Sanjiv Ahuja, as reported (opens in new tab) by technology site

“This breakthrough is a final step toward LightSquared’s goal of building a nationwide wireless network that will bring lower prices and better service to Americans from coast to coast,” he added.