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Microsoft Announces 25% Dividend

Amidst nearly stagnant share prices and an increasing demand for greater return from the long term investors, software powerhouse Microsoft Corp. seems to be in some sort of trouble, and so does the company CEO Mr. Steve Ballmer.

In order to shrug off all these worries and lure new investors into pouring their money into the company, the Windows maker is paying some special attention to the existing shareholders.

The company, acting on the inclination to woo the investors, has raised the dividend yet again - the sixth time since 2004 when it officially announced an 8 percent per share payment for the shareholders.

The move, according to many industry observers, may not end up raising the share prices of Microsoft, but will definitely appease at least a section of the investors who were becoming more and more annoyed and disappointed with the company’s current performance in the market.

“Compared to Google and Apple, which do not pay dividends to its shareholders, Microsoft’s failure to capitalise on the markets it is investing in and part of is highly reflected in its share price,” ZDNet reports.