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Nvidia Stuffs Fifth ‘Companion’ Core in Kal-El Processors

Chipmaker Nvidia has unveiled a new entry to its Kal-El quad core processor line up - a brand new five core processor aimed at enhancing the processing speed of mobile devices, and that too at a far lesser energy consumption.

According to the company, the new addition to the Kal-El family line up, unveiled on Tuesday will be capable of lowering the overall power consumption, while the device remains engaged in simple tasks.

It manages to do so by turning off the primary four cores, while still operating from the low power consuming secondary core.

"During less power-hungry tasks like web reading, music playback and video playback, Kal-El completely powers down its four performance-tuned cores and instead uses its fifth companion core," Matt Wuebbling, the director of marketing for Nvidia's Tegra division, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

"For higher performance tasks, Kal-El disables its companion core and turns on its four performance cores, one at a time, as the work load increases," Wuebbling added.

The secret behind the secondary, or “companion” core being low-power consuming lies in the methodology it implements while operating. According to Nvidia, the “companion” core makes sure that the amount of leakage, while operating, remains at bare minimum.