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O2 exclusively selling the HTC Rhyme ladies mobile phone

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has made public that it will solely be carrying the feminine orientated HTC Rhyme handset, which has only just been announced.

The news of this introduction into O2’s arsenal of mobile phones came from Twitter and the @O2 account, in a tweet that reads “Breaking news - we’ll be the only UK network to have the just announced HTC Rhyme! When can you get your hands on one? From 17 Oct!”.

HTC’s Rhyme

handset will tip up in a sleek and stylish unibody design that has been created for women, rather than men, with accessories that are geared up for them alone.

Accompanying the phone for a price is the Rhyme Charm, which is a cord that attaches to the phone that then dangles out of a deep handbag.

There’s a small light-emitting cube at the end of the lead that indicates when a message arrives, or a call is incoming – where the line can also double up as an anchor, offering instant access to the mobile by just pulling on the Charm device and hoisting up the phone.

No prices or tariff details have been unveiled by O2 as yet to the HTC Rhyme, but One Mobile Ring expects to hear more in the next coming weeks.

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