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Oracle Asks for 2 Billion from Google in Java Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Oracle has lowered the amount of damages it wants Google to pay over Java patent infringement to around $2 billion.

The search engine giant immediately proceeded to cry foul over the damages estimated by an expert hired by Oracle.

According to an article on Business Week, Google said in a court filing that Oracle had lowered the damages to $2 billion, out of which $1.2 billion in damages were for enrichment in 2011 alone.

Google has also asked the court to reject some of the estimations made by the company as they were not supported by appropriate evidence.

The company also stated in a court filing that the second settlement conference attended by both Oracle CEO Larry Elison and Google CEO Larry Page had lasted for 10 hours.

Oracle had earlier demanded more tha $6 billion in damages from Google, accusing it of copying Java code in Android, which currently is the most used mobile phone operating platform in the world.

Google claims that Oracle is using ‘bogus’ patents against Android to hinder its growth in the smartphone market.