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The Science Museum in London to Help Team Build Charles Babbage Mechanical Computer

The relentless efforts of building legendary British mathematician Charles Babbage's mechanical computer now include the Science Museum in London.

According to reports, the museum has started digitising Babbage’s notebooks and plans to help John Graham-Cumming, the computer historian and programmer who first came up with the idea of resurrecting Babbage's ideas and his team working on the project.

Babbage first unveiled the Analytical Engine 1837 while he was trying to figure out a way to automatically produce mathematical tables - almost a century before the first modern computer.

"What a marvel it would be to stand before this giant metal machine, powered by a steam engine, and running programs fed to it on a reel of punched cards. And what a great educational resource so that people can understand how computers work," Graham-Cumming wrote on his blog while launching the project, dubbed Plan 28.

" We are very, very grateful to The Science Museum and all we have worked with there for their support and for having undertaken this vital work,” he added. No deadline for the completion of the project has been announced.