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Sorry T-Mobile Users, No iPhone 5 This Year For You

Just when you thought that October is the launch month for the iPhone 5, agreed by the majority of online tech authorities, T-Mobile's chief marketing officer (opens in new tab), Cole Brodman, firmly stated that the iPhone 5 will not be launched this year - at least, not on their network.

"We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year," Brodman informed employees at T-Mobile, without further explanation. The internal memo, however, said that there will be two new smartphones launched in the holiday season. So, stay tuned, T-Mobile users.

This could be perceived as an unexpected announcement, as recent reports (opens in new tab) made us think that the German carrier would actually be carrying the fifth version of the iPhone.

There's still a chance for the iPhone 5 to be included in T-Mobile's plans for 2012, as there are only 3 months left in 2011. Brodman didn't refer to any "4S" version, so could this could mean that we will really see the iPhone 5 and not just an slightly upgraded version which is currently being dubbed the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4GS (or perhaps this could be the new handset Brodman was referring to).

It will be interesting to see whether Sprint also goes the same way as T-Mobile if the iPhone 5 does launch before the end of 2011. If Apple manages to extend their carrier portfolio with Sprint and T-Mobile, then they will obviously have more subscribers. It must surely only be a matter of time.

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