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Talktalk Earns Top Spot for Most Customer Complaints; Ofcom Reports Talktalk is Improving

TalkTalk has yet again topped the list of telecom operators against whom consumers lodge complaints with Ofcom.

Regulators have said that TalkTalk has received the maximum number of complaints from both landline telephone and fixed broadband customers.

According to the data released by Ofcom, which covers the period between April and June, TalkTalk received 0.8 complaints per 1,000 land line customers and 0.58 complaints per 1,000 broadband customers.

Ofcom along with industry analysts, have noted that the company, which was recently fined £3 million by Ofcom for over-billing customers, has made great improvements over the past nine months in terms of customer service and is expected to beat BT Retail by next quarter.

“We’re committed to providing good service alongside our best value and, while we clearly still have lots to do, we’re confident that our customers are beginning to see the benefits of the changes we continue to make,” TalkTalk said in a statement, reacting to the Ofcom report.

Meanwhile, Virgin Media was the least complained about company among land line and fixed line broadband customers, receiving 0.15 complaints per 1,000 customers in both segments.