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Twitter Introduces New Photo Sending and Profile Update Features

Twitter has announced that it is deploying one of the BlueVia APIs to provide users a new way to update their profiles.

With this move, users could effectively send pictures from any MMS enabled phone to their profiles and the pic will be displayed in real time, the company announced.

The service is currently available for all O2 customers in the UK, and it is likely to be introduced in other carriers as well in the days to come.

The company also stated that setting up the feature is pretty simple and can be done by just logging into one’s account and associating their mobile numbers.

Sending pics and updating profiles is not tough either. Users can simply send a multimedia message from their MMS enabled device to shortcode 86444 (for O2 customers only). The charges for the MMSs will be the same as that of any standard MMS.

“We know how much our customers love using Twitter via their mobiles and this service will make it that much easier to capture those special experiences and instantly share them with their followers,” said marketing & consumer director at O2, Sally Cowdry, as reported by GomoNews.