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UK Students More Distracted by Facebook and Twitter than Other Groups

UK students are the most distracted by social media like Facebook and Twitter than any other students in the world, a new survey claims.

According to a global survey conducted by Cisco, more than 9 out of 10 British students were distracted by social media platform at least once an hour.

In terms of being connected to the Internet via mobile devices, British came second only to the Chinese, said Cisco.

The survey also found that about three quarters of students preferred an Internet connection over a car, Cisco revealed.

Cisco UK CEO Phil Smith said employers needed to incorporate these changes within their employee policies.

“It could mean fewer people commuting, more people working from home. But businesses also need to consider that if people are getting distracted from their jobs, it’s often down to bad management,” said Smith in a statement.

Meanwhile, 2 out of 5 students worldwide, who took part in the survey, claim that the Internet was more important to them than dating or going out while 1 in 3 claimed that Internet was as essential as basic human needs like air, water and food.