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£38.99 Asus PL-X32 200Mbps Twin Pack Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters have become quite common and many manufacturers are coming up with their own variants with different speeds and specifications. But, only a few excel in their product range and one such product is the Asus PL-X32.

The Asus PL-X32 EUP Ready Powerline Adapters allows you to use the existing electrical wiring in your home or office to connect all the systems in your network with a high speed, 200 Mbps connection.

The PL-X32 twin adapters are particularly useful for HD video streaming, online gaming, VoIP usage and all other high bandwidth demanding activities.

Installation of the adapters doesn’t demand high technical expertise as the installation procedure is pretty easy to follow. Simply plug in the device to an existing power outlet and all your systems will be equipped with instant online access.

The data transfer rate usually stands at 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, while the range is up to approximately 5000 square feet.

Taking security needs into consideration, Asus has put some extra effort in making the PL-X32 fully secured and hack-proof. It is equipped with many advanced security features, such as the AES 128-bit encryption.

Asus PL-X32 200Mbps Twin Pack Powerline Adapters are available from Amazon for £38.99.