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9 Out Of 10 Current iPhone Users Could Migrate To iPhone 5

A survey carried out by investment bank UBS over the retention rate of the top six mobile phone manufacturers, showed that Apple has by far the best rate in the market with 89 per cent of Apple iPhone users remaining faithful to the brand.

This means that present iPhone users are very likely to migrate to the iPhone 5 from their current iPhone handsets when the new model comes out.

HTC came second in the survey with 39 per cent followed by RIM (33 per cent), Samsung (28 per cent), Motorola (25 per cent) and Nokia (24 per cent). Neither Sony Ericsson nor LG were featured in the survey data.

Motorola was singled out as being the biggest loser, with its retention rate falling by nearly half in 18 months, from 62 per cent to 33 per cent.

55 per cent of Android users surveyed said that they would stick with the platform even if it means roaming around; and worryingly for Google, nearly a third of current Android users said that they "are likely" to switch to iOS for their next handset.

UBS' survey (as reported by AppleInsider) also found that, of those who plan to switch smartphone makers, half plan to move specifically to the iPhone with only one in ten planning to move away from the iPhone.