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Apple iPhone 5 To Have 1080p Full HD Video?

With apple's iPhone 5 just around the corner, all the rumours and predictions will soon be proved correct or otherwise. An interesting feature that the media hasn't really brought under the spotlight is the video capture quality of the next iPhone model.

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We've heard a lot about the new processor, the camera, the case, NFC payment capability, but not many have suggested that the iPhone 5 might record at 1080p. Obviously, this improvement would be hard to accomplish, but not impossible. Currently, the LG Optimus 2X is capable of this, albeit it isn't regarded as a full HD smartphone.

Along with an 8 MP camera and the expected A5 processor, Apple could really see off the competition if they release the iPhone 5 with full HD video.

In order to support this high quality recording, Apple also needs either to increase the storage capacity or allow users to insert a micro SD card by developing card slots. A full HD iPhone 5 with 16 GB internal storage and also slots for an additional, say, 32 GB would really bring praise on the engineers at Apple, and help the fifth version of the iPhone regain its place on top of the smartphone podium.

New CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce the new handset at an event on October 4th.

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