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Does Apple Need Both iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 To Fight Android?

The iPhone 4S could be a key player in Apple's iOS war against Google's Android.

eWeek's Nikolas Kolakowski suggests that a mid-range iPhone could actually be the perfect solution for Apple to counterattack the rich diversity of Android fueled smartphones on the market right now. A premium, iPhone 5 would be responsible for taking care of high-end rival smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy SII, the new Nexus from Google and other top Android handsets.

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A dual release would mean a change of mobile strategy for the brainiacs at Apple. It would also be a chance for the average users to get their hands on a more affordable device, albeit not having all the same characteristics as its "big brother", which we expect to be the iPhone 5. iOS 5 and the iCloud will serve as the main reinforcements for Apple's products, being announced beforehand so that everybody could be aware of the major changes that Apple is preparing.

Apple must realise that the Android market has grown to threatening levels and they simply can't ignore it. A single phone release on the market isn't the best solution anymore for the strategists at Apple. The lower spec handset will be particularly useful in emerging markets such as China, where large numbers of potential customers have less spending power.

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