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Facebook Changes Trouble Some Users, Developers Enthusiastic

Facebook users are not happy with the new changes introduced in the user profiles and news feed on the platform but, developers believe that resentment will take over acceptance over time.

The company started rolling new user profiles and news feed design and features without any intimation to the users; something that has not pleased Facebook fans and they have been showing their resentment on the company’s official page on the platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new news feed and a personal timeline for user profiles. He also revealed news ways for people to share information with friends and new capabilities for content providers to see what is being shared among users.

According to CNN, third party developers have adopted a watch and wait approach when it comes to the new changes and claim that the resentment will soon subside, as it has been the case with Facebook changes since its inception.

Facebook advisor and shareholder Sean Parker seemed ticked off about the new changes and criticised the platform’s friend list feature saying that Facebook's new lists functionality is "still too painful to use."

Parker, as it seems, is pleased with where Facebook is heading and adds “Lest anyone misinterpret my ranting, I'm incredibly happy with where the product is headed and this is a proud moment to be an owner and friend of the company. Regardless of whether you're exhilarated or aggravated by the recent changes, there's a lot more good things coming down the pipe.”