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FBI Strikes Again, Arrests Alleged Members of Anonymous and LulzSec

The FBI has arrested suspected members of hacker collectives Anonymous and LulzSec over the recent spate of hack attacks.

According to Fox News, the feds have arrested a man from San Francisco, one from Phoenix and has secured charges against a third from Ohio.

The FBI told Fox News that it was carrying out search in New Jersey, Minnesota and Montana as well.

Cody Kretsinger, a 23-year-old from Phoenix and a suspected member of the LulzSec hacker group, has been charged with conspiracy and unauthorised impairment of a protected computer. Kretsinger, who used the handle ‘recursion’, is suspected of hacking in to the Sony Pictures website using an SQL injection attack, which is a common mode of hacking.

Two other man who were arrested and charged by the FBI, Christopher Doyon, 47, of Mountain View, California, and Joshua Covelli, 26, of Fairborn, Ohio, have been charged for launching a distributed denial of service attack on the servers of Santa Cruz County.

Security experts believe that it was highly likely that the hackers would be eventually caught because they got themselves too much attention and they failed to clean-up behind them properly.