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IBM Introduces New Products Aimed at Improving Customer Service and Commerce

IBM has developed a new range of cloud based and on-premise software designed to allow companies to react to changing consumer trends.

The new Commerce-as-a-service and Social Media Marketing products, launched under the company’s Smarter Commerce initiative, are based on technology the company obtained from the acquisition of Unica, Coremetrics and Sterling Commerce.

According to the company, the new products have been designed to allow companies to automate interactions with suppliers and trading partners and automate marketing campaigns based on marketplace insights.

The Commerce-as-a-service product offers a Cross-Channel Selling and Cloud-based Configure, Price, Quote offerings, allow a company’s clients to scale revenue streams and tie online store fronts to mobile and social media channels.

The company has also launched a Payments & Settlement solution, Supplier Integration & Management offering, Cloud-based File Transfer capability and Social Media Marketing solution.

"Smarter Commerce allows customers to shop or buy easily regardless of medium, channel or device," said general manager, IBM Industry Solutions, Craig Hayman.

"Informed by deep customer insights, companies can provide a personalised customer experience that feels like a service to consumers," he added.