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iPad 2 To Dominate End Of Year Tablet Sales

Apple will gain the most from end of year sales according to respected analyst firm Gartner, which highlights the fact that its competitors have yet to produce what the research company's vice president calls "a unified user experience" across its hardware, software and services.

Carolina Milanesi pointed out in an email that unless they take steps towards achieving this, challenges to "Apple's position will be minimal".

She is obviously referring to Android, the only real threat to Apple's hegemony, although one shouldn't discount the arrival next year of Windows 8 and another dark horse, Amazon with its forked Android OS.

The Android tablet market suffers from a number of flaws; there are many vendors and varying manufacturing standards, from Sony's exquisite Tablet S to the sub-par knock-off iPad clones, all of which do not shine the same light on Android.

Then there's the fact that Apple has perfected a process which allows it to integrate hardware, software and services in one solution, which allows it to cut its time to market and get optimum profit margins.

Milanesi highlights those points and says that Android tablets will account for only 17 per cent of the market this year, with tablet sales reaching almost 64 million.