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iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start On eBay From $1140?

There is a huge iPhone 5 buzz in the media right now and there are some who want to cash-in on all this craziness. TodaysiPhone (opens in new tab)reports on the rather curious case of an eBay seller that has already listed the iPhone 5 for pre-orders? Can you imagine that?

If you follow this link (opens in new tab) you will see that the bidding has already ended, with 0 bids and a whopping starting price of $1,140. We obviously don't want to give free promotion to this eBay seller (who, incidentally, has 99.3% positive feedback), but it's odd that someone might actually believe there are such "stupid" buyers out there.

With so many rumours and gossip out there regarding iPhone 5 specifications and launch date, we advise you not to trust these "insider" sellers as their sole interest is to benefit from uninformed buyers.

There is a chance that the iPhone 5 could arrive SIM-free and even be globally available. It might be offered even on your country's carrier sooner than you might think. That's why it's better to hold onto your cash and wait for the official launch.

However, it seems that the seller is pretty confident he can get hold of several 32GB models and he also left a contact number. Even if he can though, there's really no logic in paying $1200 for something that you could get for $400 or even $500 cheaper.

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