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LulzSec, Anonymous hacker suspects arrested in US

The FBI has arrested a suspected member of LulzSec in connection with the Sony PSN hack, as well as another member of 'hacktivist' collective Anonymous during raids in San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona. A third suspect from Ohio has also been charged, the US Justice department confirmed yesterday.

According to a report on Fox News, which broke the story, law enforcement officials were also carrying out searches on premises in New Jersey, Minnesota and Montana.

According to a federal indictment lodged on Thursday, Cody Kretsinger, a 23-year-old student from Phoenix has been charged with conspiracy and the unauthorised impairment of a protected computer.

Kretsinger - known online as 'recursion' - is believed to have been a member of LulzSec, and is accused of involvement in the hack on Sony's PlayStation Network that saw the credit card details of more than 100 million users being stolen.

The man arrested in San Francisco, 47-year-old Christopher Doyon, is believed to be homeless. He has been jointly charged in a second indictment with 26-year-old Joshua Covelli of Fairborn, Ohio, of conspiracy to cause intentional damage to a protected computer, causing intentional damage to a protected computer and aiding and abetting.

Both men are accused of taking part in a 'distributed denial of service' (DDoS) attack carried out on local government servers in Santa Cruz County, California, by the People's Liberation Front, a group allied to Anonymous.

The arrests follow a spate of swoops across the US and Europe on suspected Anonymous and LulzSec members, including Ryan Cleary, the 19-year-old hacker from Essex thinq_ secured an exclusive interview with back in May